7 things you need to think of before buying a gaming laptop


Every new day brings new ultra-smart gadgets. We find young children using touch screen mobiles and iPads. The learning curve is getting normalized with each passing day. It’s a wonder that still laptops have their own place of honor as well as a faithful fan following.

1: How much will you be using your laptop?

When you are looking to buy a new laptop, you will firstly want to prioritize your requirements. Portability and performance almost always top every list. Also comes in another important factor which is the amount of usage. For some, it would just be for simple browsing and emails.

You could be a student who uses it almost regularly for your studies, games, research, and browsing. Although not extensively used, still regular usage might require some specific qualities in the laptop.

If you are an extensive user and cannot manage a day without a laptop, you would have to look out for some high-end features which would make your day easier.

2: Size Does Matter

Okay, when you are looking for a laptop, size does matter. The second thing after your budget is decided is the screen size you would be comfortable working on. Some pointers

  • If you are into bigger screens and not really keen on carrying it all the time, then 17-18 inches screen might work for you.
  • If you are looking for something you are constantly going to carry around, and can compromise on screen size, then 12 inches is what you might want to look for.
  • Most popular size is 15 inches, which is extensively used.

3: Operating system

If you have done enough research, you would know there are three extensively sought after. Each has its own features and a set of faithful fan following. It is a preference based on personal choice at the end of the day. What one likes might not be preferred by another.

  • MAC

If you are an Apple lover and have already used this interface, you would want to check out this operating system.

  • Windows

This is one of the widest used operating systems across the world. The desktop programs and flexibility is what makes it user-friendly.

  • Chrome

This one is a limited resource yet handy one. Googles innovation which just defines what simplicity is. Its interface is similar to Windows but still have some key differences.

4: Battery Life

Ensure to read about the battery life of the device before you invest in one. Apart from what the seller specifies, ensure to check customer feedback on this.

5: Technical specifications

This is one of the most important points to validate before you shortlist a device. Check for the hard drive, processor, RAM, Graphics chips, DVD drives, display settings. Make sure to spend some time on researching which will best suit your requirement.

6: Touch and Feel the Keyboard

See if you are comfortable with the keys and touch pads of the device. Also, watch for the key spacing in the device.

7: Brand name

Go for the best price and brands which will not bite your pockets. There are so many deals available often but when it comes to laptops popular brands have developed a reputation primarily for their quality.

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