8 benefits of spending more on laptops


Are you on the lookout for a cheaper laptop? Is budget your only criteria for acquiring the laptop that is most probably going to be an integral part of your life? Well, there are more into laptops than you will think from the budget point of view.

It is an investment you make for years to come; be for personal entertainment or for professional purposes. Have you decided to get one? Then it is suggested that you get a good one. Here are eight prominent reasons to keep your draw your purse strings a little more while you hunt for the right laptop:

  1. Durability

You spend a decent amount of money and you have every right to get its value in terms of durability and quality. While laptops tend to be used at dusty places and are often exposed to spillage and accumulated food particles, a design that allows easy cleaning and resistance to rough handling would be an added advantage.

  1. Value for entertainment

An average American spends around 450 hours a year just for gaming or watching videos on a laptop. For such use, cheaper laptops may not give you a good display, contrast or viewing angles which give enhanced fun in entertainment.

  1. Battery life

Laptop batteries are expensive and batteries decide the life of a laptop. If you opt for cheaper laptops, you compromise on battery life which may not offer adequate support while you travel. Most laptops that come around $1000 or more will give more than six hours of battery life and there are hardly any laptops offering six hours battery life within $600.

  1. Solid State Drives

SSD is one of the most important factors that decide on computer’s performance with almost-instant access time. This technology is still expensive per gigabyte and is not incorporated in cheaper laptops. If in case you opt for a cheaper laptop, get one that gives the option to upgrade SSD which will serve the purpose for a while.

  1. Powerful Processor

The processor determines the efficiency of the laptop. Quad-core processor leads the race with its improved chip efficiency. These improvements will, in turn, give a better operational lifespan. Quad-cores feature does not come with laptops less than 13″. But if you spend a few extra bucks on a bigger laptop, it is worth the money.

  1. Discrete graphics

A discrete chip can achieve noticeably better performance with photo-video editing applications, compressing files, offering good graphics for video playbacks etc. While it is not a problem running videos at modest settings using integrated graphics, it is always a must to have discreet graphics if you need to test out those hi-fi graphic games or videos.

  1. Longer lifespan

You can expect a comparatively longer life span for something you actually pay for. Ideally, expensive laptops give you exactly that and more in terms of service.

  1. Value for money

When it comes to value for money with regard to quality, performance, features, portability, and mindset to have one system that does all your screen-work, it is better to go for an expensive laptop.

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