A Buyer’s Guide To Laptop Sleeve

Buying something expensive like a laptop comes with the responsibility of keeping it secured and safe. When you buy a laptop sleeve, you are creating a safe niche for your laptop. The sleeve literally hugs it around to keep it from getting damaged. Now, that sounds all romantic!

But, seriously, fragile gadgets need ideal covers, whether it is a sleeve that fits snugly or a customized backpack with a padded sleeve built inside. There are a variety of sleeves in the market and one is spoiled for choice of colours, size, graphics, the material of the sleeve, its durability, user-friendliness et al. There are also certain companies which provide customised laptop sleeves based on the user’s specification. Let us consider what things are vital in buying a good sleeve for your laptop.

  • The size of the sleeve:

Measure your screen diagonally for the size of your laptop. Sleeves are designed specifically for the screen size of the laptop. It is actually advised to go for the sleeve which is designed for your particular laptop model number so you can be sure of its fit. Test the sleeve before buying it by putting in your laptop. The size should be a perfect fit, but, should give you ease of access and not get stuck inside.

  • The material used

The materials generally used for making a laptop sleeve are neoprene, nylon, microfiber, polyester or leather. Neoprene is waterproof, shock resistant comes with padding, lighter in weight, comes in vibrant colours, is stretchable and is therefore sought after by a lot of people. Suede or leather sleeves are bought by users who have a backpack in addition because they cannot protect the laptop from damage due to fall and are not water proof. Enclosures made of Velcro and zipper enclosures are safer and user-friendly. The zipper has to be heavy duty and should have a little room for closing and opening so that your laptop doesn’t get scratched every time you operate the zipper.

  • Mode of carrying:

The way you intend to use the sleeve decides the sort of sleeve you should be buying. If you are carrying only the sleeve and not a customized backpack, you should go for one which comes with a sling or handles to use it as a backpack or as a clutch. Laptops which are carried under the arm are the most prone to damages of slipping and falling. The sleeve should also come with thick padding if it is carried by itself and has to be water-proof.

  • Durability:

Please look closely at the seams because this decides the durability of the sleeve to a great length. The seams should be stitched and locked at the end perfectly with a good quality thread to bear the weight of your laptop.

  • Match one’s personal style:

Choose the sleeve to choose your personality. For example, to really express your outgoing personality you can go for vibrant and loud colours.

Keep in mind that at the end of it all, the functionality of the sleeve you bought should be to keep your laptop safe when carried around. Otherwise, it ends up being just another fancy cover lying around in your cupboard.

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