How to tell if your Laptop is Overheating?

Just like you would take extra care of yourself when you are sick, your laptop and other gadgets do need that special care at times. Heating up of the laptop is a common thing indicating it is working hard and needs some special care! So what you would do in a typical summer is take care to drink loads of water to keep hydrated and try and do things which keep you cool.

Now you would be to know surprised that a laptop gets overheated after continuous use. So how would you tell if it is time to treat your laptop? Look out for these warning signs –

  • Humming noise all the time?

When the fans in the laptop are running at full speed and you are constantly hearing the noise they make, it is the time to slow things down. It means that your laptop is hot and the fan is trying to cool it down!

  • Laptop Shutting Down on its Own

The fans do take care of the cooling part, but when that goes overboard, and your laptop gets heated, it shuts down automatically. At this stage, you might want to know that it had already worked out all it could do to help itself and still could not breathe!

  • Hot and Too Hot to Touch

So the human mind is programmed to not touch anything which is hot. Now the similar rule applies here too. Do not work on your laptop if you could feel hot air blowing when you go near it or its bottom feels hot to your touch. It simply is a sign that it is getting heated up.

  • Laptop Screen has Lines

Okay, so you have seen these lines on your television, it always meant something was wrong. The Same rule applies to your laptop. These lines appear on the screen when the video flash cards get heated up in your laptop. It is again a warning sign to look out for.

  • Reduced Performance

When you find that your otherwise super-efficient laptop is letting you down these days and is constantly struggling to even open a browser window, you might want to check if it is getting heated up. This is one important signal that the device is giving you. Also, check if there are some random error messages popping up when you run different programs. This could also be because of your laptop getting hotter.

  • Frequent Hang-ups

Yes, there is a possibility for your laptop to hang or freeze when there are multiple programs running in parallel. But if you are used to multitasking and finding that the freezing is happening too often than usual, then it is time to check your laptop’s wellbeing. It is probably getting heated up. If there are frequent occasions where the blue screen is showing up, then it is a warning that it is actually getting overheated.

If you find regular occurrences of the above symptoms, it is probably a sign to invest in a good laptop cooler.

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Published:May 25, 2016


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